Can you design as per our requirements or you have some standard to follow?
Yes, we provide complete kitchen solution from design to installation depending upon customer’s requirement and budget.

What is the grade of your basket?
At Kitchen world, we use three types of baskets mentioned as below:

  • Aluminum
  • SS202
  • SS304

In addition to above baskets, we also have a range of baskets which comprise of European drawer system which provide better functionality.

Which hardware are you using?
At Kitchen World, we use Kitchen World functional hardware and German Hardware which is one of the best and leading hardware manufactured.

What is the base material and finish material of your carcass & shutter?
There are two base materials which we use; they are, Water Proof Marine Ply, MDF (Medium density fiberboard) and ply. Moreover, we provide variety of collection in products such as membrane, laminate, polymer composite finishes, 3D finishes, Solid wood, lacquered finishes, veneer finishes, etc.

Can you do civil kitchen also?
Yes, we design civil kitchens as per customer’s requirements.

Does your material is water and termite proof?
Our product comes with water and termite proof. However, infection such as termite originates from earth can cause damage to any kind of wood product.

Can you renovate our kitchen?
Yes, we provide complete kitchen solution where we can renovate and redesign customer’s kitchen based on their requirements.

Within how many days I will receive my kitchen?
Actual time depends on the requirements. However, generally it takes average 10-20 days and plus days of transportation.

What is the installation period?
The average installation period is between 2 to 3 days.

After purchase

What is payment mode?
The payment is 50% in advance, 45% before delivery and remaining 5% after installation.

After installation, if there is any damage than what will be replacing time? Also what will be the charges?
The replacement time depends on product and its requirement. Replacement charges will be decided after evaluation of product by the company.